Latin America is not one of the many cultures that has its own customs and symbols when it comes to weddings. These distinctive customs offer a glimpse into Latin American identity from the presentation of a want lamp to the arrass coins ceremony, and they can also get a quick way to give your wedding some color or flavor.

As a bride- or groom-to-be, you may be wondering whether or not to combine these cherished rites into your own ceremony morning. You should n’t feel pressured to include every aspect of your culture in your big celebration, even though they can be a great way to honor your Latino roots. Instead, pay attention to the details that both you and your spouse find most significant.

The rosary, one of the many well-known and precious images you can use for your marriage, exemplifies the significance of church in Latino cultures. This is particularly significant for Catholics, and it serves as a lovely and metaphoric gesture to encourage people to maintain their faith throughout their union.

Another stunning tradition that couples in Spain, Mexico, and another Hispanic nations can be seen at marriages is the arrass coins ceremony. In this custom, the man presents his innovative family with a set of 13 silver currencies called new arras matrimoniales or arras de boda. These are presents from the padrinos, and they represent the groom’s commitment to provide for his family in the coming ages.